Bank Files Conversion

Bank Files Conversion is a web site totally dedicated to the bank files conversions.
With more than 20 years experience in the bank domain, Bank Files Conversion can answer all your specific requests.

Currentlty available:

  • generation of an ISO 20022 (SEPA or non-SEPA) XML transfer filepain.001.001.03 from an Excel file
  • generation of an ISO 20022 (SEPA Direct Debits) XML direct debits filepain.008.001.02 from an Excel file

Free conversion for a limited usage.
See conditions for the free conversions.

Bank Files Conversion cleans up your data.
The accented characters (diacritics) are replaced by their equivalent without accent.

Send your tranfers file to convert
Send your collections (SEPA Direct Debits) file to convert

Feel free to test, even with fictitious data. It’s free.

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In order to check the contents of an xml file, we offer you the display.
If needed, you can save the HTML file produced.
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Bank Files Conversion can save you bank fees by separating SEPA transactions from Non-SEPA for you.
Please contact us to request an offer, it does not commit you to anything.

Other conversions already available with a maximum 24h delay:

  • CODA to Excel list
  • CODA to csv file for import in an accounting package that doesn’t support the CODA standard
  • AFB120 to CODA

Conversions foreseen or under development:

  • MT101 to SEPA or non-SEPA transfers
  • CIRI International to SEPA or non-SEPA transfers
  • Splitting of very large XML files to meet the limitations of some banks
  • CSV to SEPA or non-SEPA transfers
  • CSV to SEPA collections (SDD)
  • CSV to CODA, MT940 or CAMT

CSV files are a special case because there is no standard. Each bank has its own content and column organization.
You can send us an example of an exported file and we will tell you if it contains all the data needed for a conversion.

Other developments foreseen:
Excel, CSV or pdf list of transfers or collections from an XML file.
Excel, CSV or pdf list of content from a CODA, CFONB, CAMT, BAI,… file.
Deleting payment(s) in an XML file.

You can already submit your requests by e-mail at
We will respond as soon as possible.

Some examples of files type we can handle: CFONB/AFB, (France), CUADERNO19/CUADERNO34/CUADERNO43/CUADERNO58/AEB (Spain), BACS (United Kingdom/Ireland), VIR2000/Extended MT940 (Luxembourg), CLIEOP03/BTL91 (The Netherlands), CIRI International/CODA (Belgium), DTAUS (Germany), PS2 (Portugal), MT101/MT940 (SWIFT), BAI/BTRS (United States) and many more.